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The most favored way to obtain your "A License" is the Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) course which gives you an amazing freefall experience. An Accelerated FreeFall training course from Skydiving Allentown provides you with the skills required to perform your first solo skydive. The "Integrated Student Program" (ISP) is a special training program designed by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and is the most popular instruction procedure used by Skydiving Allentown partner skydiving schools. In order to progress from level to level in the ISP, beginners must achieve certain Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs) for their current level. For levels 1 through 7, a licensed sky diving teacher (or several teachers) must accompany the pupil on each skydive. As soon as Level 7 has been completed by the student, they are then allowed to monitor themselves although most dropzones will require a skydiving coach to accompany them on additional skydives. Now the student is almost done! After performing a total of 25 jumps and having their "A License" conditions approved by a qualified coach, the student is then permitted to undertake their A License Check Dive. Congratulations! The student has now acquired their A License! While a license is not required to skydive lawfully, the USPA license will permit the skydiver to journey to other United States Parachute Association member dropzones and use their license to prove they have the proficiencies required to jump.

Accelerated FreeFall Training near Allentown

For the length of the first three jumps a Accelerated Freefall Student is attended to by two certified instructors during their free fall up until their parachute deployment. These initial category skydives are called "Harness Hold Training," due to the Skydive Georgia AFF instructors' no physical connection to the student aside from the their own grasp. Once the student's parachute is released, the trainers fly away and deploy their own canopies to coast separately.

Students in the AFF program are obligated to release their parachutes at an altitude of 5,500 feet. If the student encounters difficulty in the deployment of their canopy, our coaches first use hand signals to remind the student to "Pull." Usually, the hand signals are sufficient to remind the student skydiver to pull their canopy, but if they still do not take action, the instructor will try to place the student's hand on the pilot chute pull. If the student continues to be nonresponsive, the coach will deploy the canopy for them. Student gear has added "pull" handles installed and coaches can deploy the student's canopy whenever they seem to be at risk. The student's safety is always paramount.

When the student has demonstrated their ability to deploy their parachute and are able to show basic flying and landing skills, they will be able to push ahead to more advanced levels. With the more advanced jumps, the trainer may not be able to take hold of the student and assist so demonstrating the capability to pull one's own parachute is necessary. The student is required to have a solid understanding of these procedures.

With skydiving training at this level, the safety of our Skydiving Allentown partner coaches is vital. As a result, all coaches have a firm "hard deck" at which they must pull their own canopies. All student gear is equipped with an "Automatic Activation Device" (AAD) which will automatically deploy the parachute if they cross the set altitude limitation at freefall velocity. AAD activations are incredibly rare but they are an essential piece of equipment to safeguard against unlikely mishaps.

In the course of these training skydives, instructors have the chance to coach the student on body position using hand gestures. After each skydive, the trainers then evaluate the jump with the student and conduct helpful coaching. As the trainee advances to more advanced levels, he or she masters flying maneuvers such as freefall speed control, flying forward, executing turns and even flips! The objective of the maneuvers are to confirm to the student and instructor that the student can carry out a disorienting maneuver resulting in intentional instability followed by restoring control. Each Accelerated FreeFall jump at Skydiving Allentown is progressive in nature, building on skills previously mastered.

For each level of the AFF program, there are a set of benchmarks to be passed, referred to as the "Targeted Learning Objectives" (TLOs). The trainers have complete control over the confirmation that students have passed the criteria for each TLO along the steps of the process. Each AFF student is given a direct connection for communication with the ground crew to assist them during their free fall, however, all students are trained with skills to land on their own should radio failure occur.

Every Skydiving Allentown AFF student will be given the opportunity, before completion of their training sessions, to join the U.S. Parachute Association. Begin earning your A License! Call Skydiving Allentown at 484-440-9674 right now!